Digital Success Summit V2.0

About The Event   Announcing Digital Success Summit V2.0 on 8-9 August 2019 at Kolkata and we look forward to having you onboard. This years theme is Growing

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Digital Success Summit V2.0
Digital Success Summit V2.0

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    About The Event

    Announcing Digital Success Summit V2.0 on 8-9 August 2019 at Kolkata and we look forward to having you onboard. This years theme is Growing Digitally, Growing Profitably.
    We are expecting 450-500 delegates from across the industries. Based on last years event we expect to get approximately 350 CXOs 115 Heads of IT, 50 Heads of Marketing to attend the event. We expect to experience serious and engaging conversations around digital in their business and how these businesses are leveraging digital to their business. 
    We are inviting speakers from all around the country, who will share their knowledge and case studies on various topics, speakers who have profitably grown their business digitally themselves. These are speakers who are doers. 
    Why Kolkata?
    Kolkata boasts of an illustrious past which reflects through the fascinating art, marvelous architecture, and declamatory literature of the city. Being the cultural and intellectual hub of India, this vibrant city invites you to witness its artistic grandeur, dazzling culture, and literary legacy.  
    However, Kolkata is not the topmost destination for business right now, but using digital it can compete with the no. 1 destination and the companies working in those destinations. Therefore digital in  Kolkata is far more important than any other city in the country. Therefore DSS is in Kolkata.
    • Day 1 - Attend two workshops, choose from 8 sessions
    • Day 2 - Conference - Back to Back session by speakers from all around the country
    • #DigitalSuccessClinic -Free 1-to-1 consultation with experts on Tech and Marketing
    • Opportunity to network with like-minded professionals & discuss whats brewing in the industry
    • Experiential learning
    • Case studies from Doers
    • Unconference - Parallel in-depth sessions with select speakers
    • Exciting Credits & Vouchers from our event partners


    Speakers who have confirmed already:


    For more information: Connect with Zain ( @ 91634 6849 or Ishani @ 8697719660 (


    Snapshot of Digital Success Summit 2018

    Digital means different to different people. For someone its a buzzword,  for someone its a catalyst for someone it means a game changer. Some get disrupted by it, and some use this to disrupt others and create a niche for themselves. It has changed the way we love, we live and we work. Even if you want you cannot stay away from it, even if you want to ignore it, digital will not ignore you. Digital has opened up the world to new challenges, new possibilities, and new opportunities. Either you leverage it or compete against it. However, if you decide to compete, you should know you are playing a losing game. Two decades back it was a competitive advantage, today it is not. It is a necessity.

    Digital is a great leveler. It gives equal opportunity to everyone. The disruption digital is causing in today’s date in retail, banking, insurance, manufacturing, service sector, entertainment sector and other sectors have proven that it is ready to disrupt every business we are in. It has changed the dimension of commerce and societies. The divide between rich and poor, the divide between fast and slow, will fade in comparison when you see what happens when there is a divide between digitally savvy and digitally challenged people.

    This is an opportunity for businesses who want to leverage and capitalize from digital. Success means doing better than how you are doing today. A successful digital strategy is key to business growth. There is no doubt about it. The doubt is about the strategy and its implementation. The challenge is that the digital is complex and ever-evolving. It’s dynamism, global structure and thousands of people who are experimenting around the world, creating new things every day and conducting business in this whole ecosystem based on that, makes it extremely difficult to deal in. You do not know which tools to use, which technologies to take and which techniques to apply for your business. This is why most businesses find themselves in a difficult position to even get started.

    Digital Success summit is the answer to all of this. The idea is to bring technology experts who have been hands-on in front of business leaders so that there is learning from practitioners to adopters. The summit will answer many questions. It has unconference to take a deep dive. Actionable insights, reference materials, nuggets of wisdom, started on your digital journey if you are new to it.

    Abhishek Rungta, Founder & CEO, Indus Net Technologies


    DSS 2018 in #s:

    • 450+ Attendees
    • 68% CXOs
    • 3.5 Million + Social Impressions
    • 25+ Speakers who are doers
    • 16+ Ecosystem Partners
    • 90+ Businesses attended parallel Unconference
    • 50+ Business attended one-to-one Digital Success Clinic
    Our 25+ speakers represented organizations like:
    Amazon, Ixigo, ICANN, Aegis Ltd., Fusion Charts, CNBC -TV18, POSist, Digital Ocean, PWC, VComply, WittyFeed, Explara and many more
    Our Ecosystem Partners were:
    Inc42, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, ICBI, NASSCOM, Headstart, TiE Kolkata, Hyatt Regency Kolkata, 91.9 Friends FM, RAI, Explara and many more


    “Covered large variety of subject which are critical and important for Digital Success for entrepreneurs and startups”

    Samiran Gupta, Head of ICANN India


    “Very strong sessions, gave me a lot of strategic insights from content marketing to domain management. I look forward to next years event.”

    Amit Sen, Director, Eyelevel Cinema Private Limited


    “Very stimulating and proactive discussions from which I could claim a lot. For me, it is a stepping stone to the world of Digital”

    Rita Bhimani, Founder & CEO of Ritam Communications


    “One of the best curated & designed programmes that I have been to, in recent times when it comes to the digital space. A brilliant job has been done in structuring the event which was so very well thought through and so immensely well researched. Speakers were not only subject matter experts in their fields but also they have been there and done it themselves. They have seen how transformation has taken place in enterprises. Very high on impact.”

    Debasish Biswas, Chairman of Board, Alpha Universal group limited


    For more information: Connect with Zain ( @ 91634 6849 or Ishani @ 8697719660 (


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    • 08/08/201910 - 08/09/2019
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    • Monday
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    • 12:00AM
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    • Hyatt Regency Kolkata,JA-1 Sector III,Salt Lake City, Sector III, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
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    • JA-1 Sector III
    • Salt Lake City,Sector III-Kolkata
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