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Online Event


November 13
SAME-SAME in Singapore

SAME-SAME is an online, inclusive collaboration between No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability (Adelaide, Australia) and Diverse Abilities Dance Collective, DADC (Singapore). A Singapore International Foundation Arts for Good project, this cross- border dance and theatre production will focus on friendship – highlighting the experiences of differently-abled performers in Singapore and Australia during COVID-19. How can we connect online? How are we the same? How are we different? How can the arts bring us together? Over the course of three months, seven performers (actors and dancers) from both countries, got to know each other and explored the idea of SAME-SAME online. Their roles evolved from performers to reveal the sameness of what it means to be human. And beyond COVID-19, what remains similar? What is different? How can we overcome differences to connect? Directed by Jeffrey Tan with Emma Beech, in collaboration with Subastian Tan (Maya Dance Theatre) and Michaela Cantwell (No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability) and performers from both countries. Come and join us in experiencing their stories of life, love and dreams today! Concurrent performances will be held in person in Adelaide, Australia and online in Singapore. Book early to avoid disappointment. Are we SAME-SAME? SHOW DATES & TIMES Fri 13 Nov, 9.30 am (Singapore) + Post show chat & 4 pm (Singapore) Sat 14 Nov, 11.30 am (Singapore) + Post show chat & 4 pm (Singapore) Show duration - 40 minutes, post show chat is another additional 20 minutes CONCURRENT SHOWS Pre-registration via Zoom in Singapore: Via physical tickets at the Adelaide Festival Centre:


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