OPEN, FLOW, GROW An evening to Inspire - Connect - Heal The workshops of Open Up are often described as inspiring, transformative and life-changing. The

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    OPEN, FLOW, GROW An evening to Inspire - Connect - Heal The workshops of Open Up are often described as inspiring, transformative and life-changing. The environments we create are carefully designed to bring us into a state of flow together.  In this evening workshop we will beathe and explore the qualities of receiving noursihment from the inside and out. We will enjoy the opportunity to drop our masks and open to our intimate truth. The not-knowing becomes the beginning of our adventure! Together well breathe into all parts that require a significant shift, and release whatever’s holding us back from our full potential.  Study and reserach shows that when people seek out flow states, they heal trauma and connect more deeply to themselves and others. We support this state through building the field together with the qualities of connection, trust, truth, authenticity and openness. In conscious community we will gently push into our edges, open to our vulnerability, delight in the joy and freedom in our authenticity, and come home, individually and together, to our intimate Belonging.  Join us for an evening in the city, to breathe and feel and open up together. What will we be doing? (Solo, paired, trio, small group and large group practices) ❥ Breathwork inspired on Holotropic Breathwork: increase your somatic, emotional and social intelligence – tapping into the deeper wisdom of the body and soul, to access its innate healing capacity. ❥ Self-inquiry: Share and voice the truth of your heart with curiosity - experience relating from wholeness. ❥ Movement and touch meditations: From head to heart, from stillness to movement, from giving to receiving. ❥ Inspire: Learn to embody your truth to allow a deeper truth and trust to arise. ❥ Open: Harvesting what wants to come into consciousness when being in a state of flow. ❥ Heal: Experience the power of communal healing through speaking our truth while being witnessed and mirrored by others. We offer each other authentic relationship, and are changed because of it.  DATE & TIME:Tuesday, 2nd of April 2019: 18.30 – ± 22.00Doors open: 18.00 LOCATIONStichting de RoosP.C. Hooftstraat 1831071 BW Amsterdam COST:Tier 1 (Tickets 1-10):   € 25Tier 2 (Tickets 11-25): € 30Tier 3 (Tickets 26-40): € 35 CONTACT US:Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the event or about Open Up.Email Katrien Franken at: About the Faciliator: Katrien Franken * Katrien is the founder of Open Up; a growing Breathwork community of people interested in learning and self-healing and experience-based education. She is a teacher and skilled Breath and Bodyworker, Holistic Counselor and trained as therapist. She facilitates breathwork at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India. Katrien is deeply passionate about evolutionary thinking, awakening consciousness, human connection, and the embodiment of deep womanhood. She guides men and women from all over the world to experience inner transformation through the powerful method of conscious connected breathing - mainly inspired on Holotropic Breathwork as created by the pioneering psychotherapist Stanislav Grof. Her interest centres on the intersection between psychotherapy, neuroscience. and spirituality. Since 2018 Open Up offers Womens workshops since and founded New Womanhood; the birthplace to meet and awaken a mature womanhood in service of our collective growth. BREATHWORK Our breathwork approach is unique as we invite moments of rest to be part of the journey. We are mainly inspired by Holotropic Breathwork, as created by Stanislav Grof. We use various bodywork techniques and methods to help support your healing process and journey through this incredibly openinh work. Breathwork is a dynamic body-mind practice of conscious connected breathing, allowing no pausing to come in between both breaths. This opens the natural wisdom of the body and soul to go beyond the controlling mind and unlock deep emotional releases. It provides the groundwork for inner transformation, improving key psychological traits like presence, openness to experience, intuition and self-reflection in order to achieve our purpose. Together we’ll breathe and connect to express and deepen our wisdom, to reclaim the fullness of the heart and to remember how to feel alive in our body. This can be an experience of deep emotional release and physical relaxation, and to intimately connect with our truth. For preparations- We recommend to eat light meals in the hour before your session.- Bring a water bottle- Wear comfortable, warm clothes and bring warm socks- Please pay attention to the contra-indications for breathwork to make sure it is right for you. More can be found on: See you there! Katrien and team Open Up Stay connected with us or subscribe to upcoming events at:❥ ❥ ❥The Breathwork Group Series: ❥New Womanhood: Rebel Women:
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    • 04/02/2019
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    • Tuesday
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    • 06:30PM
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    • Centrum De Roos
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    • 183 Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat
    • Amsterdam,-1071 BW
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