2018 Teacher Workshops for Professional Practice: Goal Achievement (CBD)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


September 3
2018 Teacher Workshops for Professional Practice: Goal Achievement (CBD)

Workshop aim Workshops have been developed for teachers to support and challenge them to integrate the use of observation, student feedback and student voice to accelerate learning growth and improvements in student outcomes. These workshops are an opportunity for participants to build their data literacy skills and enhance the implementation of their performance and development plans (PDPs). Workshop content will be aligned with the Professional Standards, the AITSL Classroom Continuum of Practice and the FISO continuum of Practice for Improving Student Outcomes. There will be two workshops that will run independently and address different agendas. However, participants are encouraged to attend both to build their knowledge and understanding, and enhance their networking skills. Workshop: Goal Achievement - Refining teaching practice to drive student achievement Focus: During this workshop participants will be equipped with strategies to develop professional knowledge, practice and engagement to implement performance and development goals. Learning objectives Participants will: Explore and embed high expectations for teaching and learning Identify the characteristics of effective teaching in alignment with your schools’ data and the Professional Standards Develop professional practice through effective teaching strategies and observation of student progress Consider effective collaboration tools and share responsibility for high-quality teaching and learning with students


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    5:00pm - 7:00pm