2021 NYC Lunar New Year Gala

Jing Fong

20 Elizabeth St

New York,NY-10013

20 February
2021 NYC Lunar New Year Gala
Schedule Sat, 20 Feb 2021  5:00 PM Venue Jing Fong
20 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10013

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2021 NYC Lunar New Year Gala
Celebrating the meaningful Asian Holiday together!
Connect and create between different circles. Promoting Asian cultures and talents.

There are many dinner galas out there and its typically the same routine. Cocktail mingle, which usually you hang with friends you know already. Might get introduced to some friends of friends. When seated, you basically only talk with the people around you that you know already. Then everyone tries to focus on the shows and leaves without really meeting any more people.
This Gala event is mainly focused on networking.
We have built a great network of different circles in NYC and connecting the circles can strengthen the network.
You will be seated with similar industry categories and will have common topics to speak about and be able to share resources to find win-win situations.
Dinner will start with a few shows and just have background music so people can talk and network within the same table. During the second half, we will arrange activities to mix and match different category tables.
Each person will get a list (Company and name) of the people you are sitting with and a map of different category tables with dif color name tags.
Throughout the event we have social officers connecting and introducing people.

Phone Organized by @DrDavidTai



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