5 weeks of detox: Learn to Make & Take Your Own Full Body Herbal Detox

CERES Community Environment Park

Stewart St & Roberts St, Brunswick East VIC


September 2
5 weeks of detox: Learn to Make & Take Your Own Full Body Herbal Detox

Complete Herbal Whole Body Detox Includes: Series of five 2 hour workshops (two time slots available Sunday Afternoons at Ceres Environmental Park) All ingredients for your first detox (and info on where to buy herbs going forward). Recipes and step by step instructions in written and video format which you can access as a refresher anytime via our online system. Starter kit equipment which you will use during the course to make your own capsules, tinctures, Decoctions etc 5 Week Supply Of Superfood (plus info on where to buy your superfoods going forward). Rory goes into many aspects of superfood during the course as diet is a huge part of preventative medicine and maintaining your physical system during and after detox. Full Support Throughout The Program From Herbalist & Detox Designer Rory Hill in person (at the workshops) & Via Our Online System – Forums, chat groups, private message access to Rory as well as all course content available online. ———– Program outline: Week 1: We make Bowel Cleanse Number 1 – Cathartic Cleanse Most people have pounds of old dried fecal matter that is stored in the colon which is toxifying the system and keeping the food from being assimilated–and because of this putrefied condition, most people engorge themselves with many times more than the actual body requirements. In the process they wear out their bodies in trying to get sufficient food value and are still always hungry and eating; whereas, after the bowel is cleaned, the food is readily assimilated and a person can sustain himself on about one-third the quantity of his current food consumption at some four or five times more power, vitality and life. Discussion topics: Intro – A brief understanding our increasingly toxic modern ecosystem from macrocosm to microcosm and keys to living within it. How the bowels should work: We should be going to the bathroom after most meals! How to work out how many capsules to take and for how long. Making adjustments based on monitoring. Week 2: Bowel Cleanse Number 2 – Adsorbent The clean colon wall is able to normally assimilate the simple food values through the cell structures in the colon, instead of it being trapped in a maze of waste, and inhibited by the hard fecal casing on and inside the intestinal wall, wherein the largest part of the nutritional substance become pushed on and eliminated before it can do any good. When the body is completely clean, these aids will no longer be necessary–then your food will be your medicine and your medicine will be your food. Discussion topics: How the bowel linings which absorb food get blocked How the adsorbent formula works What percentage of the goodness in your food is getting absorbed/going to waste Breakdown of ingredients and why we use them + alternatives for many of the ingredients In most cases, the improper diet has caused the peristaltic muscles of most people to quit working, and it will take six to nine months with the aid of the lower bowel tonics for the average individual to clean out the fecal matter and to rebuild the bowel structure sufficiently to have the peristaltic muscles work entirely on their own. Week 3: Liver (Tincture: Burdock, milk thistle, dandelion (how to make decoction) Discussion topics: Week 4: Parasite – Eggs (cloves) , development of larvae (wormwood), parasite (black walnut hull tincture) Learn to make the infamous 3 step parasite detox outlined in Hulda Clarke’s book “The Cure & Prevention of All Cancers”! A lot of people can actually be sick from asymptomatic (with no symptoms) infestation of parasites, so get ready for your parasite detox! Discussion topics: Week 5: This week we make two formulas Kidney & Bladder detox + Blood Discussion topics: All sessions are recorded and available online online with detailed notes. Complete Herbal Whole Body Detox & Cleanse Designed For You! Includes 4 Week Supply Of Superfood. Opening special: You get the whole 5 step detox PLUS. Specific herbal remedy for any one of Gym Pre workou Designed for you by Herbalist Rory Hill Full Support Throughout The Program From Herbalist & Detox Designer Rory Hill. Via Our Online System. Includes all ingredients + lifetime access to wholesale ingredients prepared for you. Plus you actually learn to make your own detox in our online).


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