Aarambh: Annual Operating Plan 2021-22

The Orchid Hotel Pune

Adjacent Chhatrapati Shivaji Sports Complex, Pune-Bangalore Road


19 February
Aarambh: Annual Operating Plan 2021-22
About The Event What is Aarambh? The School of Inspirational Leadership presents Aarambh, one of its kind of an interactive platform for SIL leaders. Aarambh is the Annual Operating Plan for the year 2021-22. As the entrepreneurs like you are gearing up to take up the new opportunities in the coming year, SIL handholds you to strategically implement the Annual Operating Plan. As the word ‘Aarambh’ signifies, it is the new beginning of desires, ideas, actions, and achievements. It is a time to shine bright, carrying the teachings from the previous year along.  Why Aarambh? SIL Navigators are always devoted to lead the entrepreneurs on the progressive path. Aarambh is a unique meet and greet session, where-in SIL Navigators would be personally advising the SIL leaders to plan their future right. SIL has offered various developmental arenas to spur the growth of a leader within you. SIL focuses on wholesome development of an entrepreneur. Continuing with the same, Aarambh encompasses the betterment of businesses with right guidance from the experts. Aarambh is the right platform to trigger your ambitions into the achievements. Aarambh proffers the enlightenment to your business in the following ways: • Strong Networking • Meet Coach Personally • Build your Annual Plan Aarambh will be graced by following SIL Senior Partners and Industry Experts. Their sessions on the following topics will drive you with robust budget & plan for your business in 2021-22.  Dr. Yogesh Pawar, Mission Finder and Founder-SIL  Topic: SIL VISION with AARAMBH ETHOS and SYNERGING YOUR ANNUAL OPERATING PLAN By the end of this session you will be able to  1. Understand the Vision Pyramid to build a robust Annual Operating Plan  2. Implement CPC Cycle and identify the strengths and opportunities in the company to grow  3. Build a financial vision of 21-22  4. Build up a strategic objective budget Raman Nanda, Family Business Advisor and Sr. Partner- SIL  Topic: BUILDING A LEGACY BASED BUSINESS & THE ART OF BUDGETING & PLANNING By the end of this session you will be able to -  1. Appreciate importance of and mandate actions for budgeting  2. Comprehend role of budgeting in creating business value  3. Gain insight on how budgeting & planning reduces operational stress  4. List ownership challenges & manage family members in business  5. Drive values to create a disciplined organization Dr. Akshay Seth, Sales Growth Expert and Sr. Partner- SIL  Topic: BUILDING ORGANIZATION SALES & MARKETING BUDGET By the end of this session participants will be able to -  1. Plan and Forecast your Companys Sales  2. Build a Sales Budget that helps in achieving revenues for the year  3. Appreciate 21 robust considerations while building the budget  4. Select 1 right method of 5 prescribed for preparing your Sales & Mktg budget  5. Consider 32 point checklist of preparing a Branding Budget Mr. Sanjiv Dange, Lean Management Expert and Sr. Partner-SIL / Mr. Shrikant Pangarkar, Operation Excellence Expert and Sr. Partner-SIL / Mr. R Vasudevan, Operation Excellence Expert and Sr. Partner- SIL  Panel Discussion on BUILDING OPERATIONS BUDGETS WITH OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE & LEAN MANAGEMENT Dr. Rajesh Rai, Human Resource Expert and Sr. Partner- SIL  Topic: BUILDING THE COMPENSATION & BENEFIT STRUCTURE AND ITS BUDGETS By the end of this session participants will be able to - 1. List elements of Compensation 2. Understand Relationship between Competencies and compensation 3. Comprehend method of creating a Compensation Structure 4. Appreciate and apply Significance of variable pay 5. Align Job Responsibilities and Compensation Mr. Neeraj Deshpande, Team Performance Expert and Sr. Partner- SIL  Topic: BUILDING PEOPLE CAPABILITY BUDGETS TO ACHIEVE YEARLY GOALS By the end of this session participants will be able to  1. Create training need assessment for the organization to build training budget  2. Generate and implement employee engagement Budget  3. Prepare an administrative budget  4. Comprehend financial modelling to create a coaching culture in the company  5. Factor direct & indirect costs of building learning capabilities Dr. Amit Andre, Digital Transformation Expert and Sr. Partner- SIL  Topic: BUILDING DIGITAL ENGINEERING & SOCIAL MEDIA BUDGET By the end of this session participants will be able to  1. Identify the key resources required to build a social media budget  2. Learn addons in website and their impact on overall customer experience  3. Build a cloud based supply chain & operation excellence mechanism digitally  4. Decide how to select social media agency  5. Analyze cost of digitization and its mandates for the company  6. Automate & track businesss Critical parameters, Business and Financial Model CA Kalyan Jagnani, Finance Expert and Sr. Partner- SIL / CA Shivkumar K Y, Finance Expert and Sr. Partner- SIL Topic: BUILDING COMPANY FINANCIAL BUDGETS By the end of this session participants will be able to  1. Assess business financials needs for 21-22  2. Avail available sources of SME funding in indian & international market  3. Link purpose of funds to strategy & vision of the organization  4. Create financial formats for measuring & monitoring success of each vertical or business unit  5. Linking performance & revenues of every aspect of business  6. Understand top down & bottom up budgeting  7. Review cashflow  8. Calculate net cash flow & forecast various expenses and budget review mechanism   Hurry Up! Join 11 Industry Experts to Create your Annual Operating Plan 2021-22 and get:   ✅ 2 Days dedicated to your Strategic Action plan  ✅ Tools & Strategies to measure & monitor ✅ Networking with progressive leaders   REGISTER NOW to be a part of this extravagant workshop and experience a big time business transformation!



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