AARC Conference 2021 | New Delhi

Dilli Haat Janakpuri

Lal Sai Mandir Marg, Janakpuri

Virender Nagar,New Delhi-

13 November
AARC Conference 2021 | New Delhi
About The Event The heart of AARC (All About Releasing Creativity) God, the creator of the universe, created us with a vision and a mission on earth. We have been called to influence and create the world as God intended it to be. What if the Church became notorious for being a group of people who are bursting at the seams with creative energy, simply because the object of our creativity is the Creator Himself?   The focus of AARC conference Creativity in it’s purest form can widen and deepen our individual and communal connection with God. A creative partnership with the ULTIMATE creator Creativity is innovative and keeps us relevant to generations that feed of expression and influencers. Creativity can be missional. Encouraging people to discover their creative energy, passion and love, instilled by our maker and guided by the Holy Spirit brings emotional, cognitive and spiritual growth. Creativity has to be stimulated, explored, nurtured and developed. The more excellence, work and ability, the more space for creativity! During the conference we aim to help attendees discover and grow their innate creativity through multiple breakout sessions, small creative interventions throughout the day as well as activities to get our creative juices flowing. We aim to inspire co- working, networking and ultimately a creative community.   Creativity invents, imagines, problem-solves, creates, and communicates in fresh, authentic new ways. Imagine the amazing waves it will make if we start truly living from within the creative partnerships we are meant to have with our maker.



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