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Houston, TX, USA

Houston, TX, USA


2 February
AgileFever | SAFe For Government 5.0 | Certification | Training | SGP | Virtual Classes | in Scottsdale
SAFe For Government 5.0 Course Information Building technology dependent abilities through Lean-Agile principles and practices in public agencies is particularly confronting. But, SAFe for Government course shows possible approaches to tackling these abilities. The concerns raised in legacy administration, enterprise obstructions and contracting can be expelled using appropriate data and approaches. with this 2-day training offered by AgileFever, learners acquire detailed information on SAFe principles and practices, and how they can be implemented across ARTs (Agile Release Trains) thus delivering enhanced release value. This means lead a Lean-Agile transformation of the project in the public sector. Attendees are trained in getting aware of Lean-Agile way thinking and how it stands as crucial for transformation. They will also be provided with real-world experience of how SAFe Government Practitioners build efficient and multi-vendor Agile programs and teams, managing technology funds in the Lean flow, handles Agile contracting, initiation of programs, and deliver beneficial values through SAFe. Also, attendees receive detailed insights of how leadership activities bring effective changes in the government agencies. SAFe For Government 5.0 Course Overview SAFe for Government course with AgileFever allows attendees to have through insights on:  Learn how public programs can be transitioned from conventional.  Guides you to get adapted to budgeting and calculations, administration, compliance technology strategy and acquisition procedures per flow-based approaches through employing updated government standards.  Ensure that government managed programs are organized into one or more ARTs and implement in program Increments(PIs).  Achieve accomplished results in Lean-Agile transformation by identifying and incorporating SAFe way of thinking and leadership qualities.  Explains the way to follow success patterns for SAFe applications tailored to the government frameworks.  Plan for the preliminary sketch of next steps to initiate and expedite SAFe implementation in your enterprise. What do the Trainee get at the end of Training Attendees who have joined for SAFe for Government training provided by AgileFever get awareness in the topics of:  Advancing Lean-Agile transformation in public agencies.  Implement Lean-Agile way of thinking.  Provides clear explanation on SAFe principles and practices.  Organize cadence-based events and synchronization.  Supporting program execution.  Align agency and program agility.  Learn how to lead a SAFe transformation Attendees will receive • Attendee workbook. • Access to SAFe Government Practitioner Exam. • SAFe Government Practitioner. • Exam completion PDF certificate. • Access to SAFe Community platform. • Access to SGP Community of Practice. • Certified SAFe Government Practitioner digital badge Who can attend ? 1. Business Analysts 2. Agile Leaders 3. SAFe Program Consultants 4. Practice Leads 5. Project/Program Managers 6. Architecture Managers 7. Project Management Officers (PMOs) 8. Directors and Executives Process to Become A SAFe For Government 5.0 Step 1: Register the Agile SAFe for Government online course with AgileFever. Step 2: Attend for AgileFever’s 2-day SGP training, and complete the training Step 3: Upon the successful completion of course, you will be receiving a link to create your own login credentials for the SAFe platform. Step 4: Give your first attempt for the SAFe Government Practitioner Exam Step 5: Get SGP certification by having a qualifying score of 71% Step 6: Then receive the SGP certification along with the one-year membership access for SAFe Community Platform Exam Details Name of the Exam – SAFe Government Practitioner Exam Examination Format – Online, Multiple Choice Questions Total No-of Questions – 45 Access to exam - Once you complete the SGP course from AgileFever you will be given access to the exam by SAFe community platform. Examination Fee – As a part of registration, a candidate can give their free first attempt of SAFe Government Practitioner Exam, within a period of 30 days after course completion. Duration – 90 minutes Re attempt Fee - 50$ Qualifying Score – 71% Language - English Retake Policy - As soon as the first attempt is completed, participants can give their best attempt in the second attempt also. For the third attempt, there is a wait period of 10 days and the fourth follows up with a 30-day wait period. Prerequisites AgileFever recommends following prerequisites to certify as SAFe Government Practitioner • Basic knowledge on the concepts of Agile Manifesto, SAFe principles and SAFe House of Lean using pre-work ideas. • Having knowledge on the entire process of government technology programs helps more to grasp the SGP concepts easily. • In before joining for SAFe for Government training, attendees who have enrolled for SGP course will be provided with readings and videos related to Agile in Government sector.



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