Art of Relationship Mastery | High-rated Life Transforming Workshop in Mumbai

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10 January
Art of Relationship Mastery | High-rated Life Transforming Workshop in Mumbai
Art of Relationship Mastery Workshop | High-Rated Life Transforming Workshop Relationship (personal & professional) is the foundation of Happiness but most relationships fail because people become either silent or violent in their communication. You will learn how to avoid both these ways & learn tools & techniques to maintain healthy relationships with spouse, children, family members, parents, friends, employer & employees, competitors, co-workers, and customers. Day-Wise Details of the Workshop: Day 1: Understanding the psychology of relationships Day 2: 3 most common relationship mistakes Day 3: What are ‘’crucial conversations’’ in relationships & How to handle crucial conversations to avoid fights Day 4: Understanding the body language of the other person Day 5: NLP technique for conflict resolution in relationships Day 6: Sleep programming for relationship healing Day 7: 3 important Convincing skills (learning to convince without manipulation) Day 8: Dismissing ‘’black & white‘’ thinking and behavior Day 9: Guided meditation for relationship healing Day 10: Learning to deal with ‘’unfulfilled expectations’’ in relationship Day 11: 3-step method to restore trust, respect & safety in the relationship New Batch Starting Date: 10th January 2020 Medium: Personally Recorded Sessions, Session Summaries (PDF), Practical Tools & Techniques, 24*7 Doubt Address Facility Language: Hindi & English Fee: Rs. 650/- The certificate will be awarded to every participant!



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