BioChem Exploration

Experient Science Labs

155, Sarjapur Main Road


11 April
BioChem Exploration
About The Event Ever thought about how will you find which toothpaste is more effective or which food has what nutrients. BioChem Exploration module is all about bringing together chemistry and biology and seeing how it is used in the real world. This is where chemistry, biology, and tinkering come together to create a product systematically and creatively or apply concepts of science to the real world. This is a very unique module for the lovers of biology and chemistry and those who love exploration and get joy from discovering answers. You will conduct experiments like: Germ invasion - culture and study bacterias in our surroundings  Extracting Onion DNA.  Colour Extraction and dying.  Make plastic from milk protein. Making super-absorbent diapers. Evaluating the effectiveness of the toothpaste. Extracting apple juice with pectinase.   Measuring Vitamin C present in canned fruit juice Determine the iodine content of the salt How does sugar content change in ripening fruit?  Testing food for protein, starch, chlorides, sugars, etc.  Chemical, physical and biological analysis of water Build gel electrophoresis device for Identifying DNA   Duration: 6 days, 4 hours/day Minimum age: 12 years



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