Counterpoints #01 Marco Fusinato / Vettor Pisani

223 Domain Rd

223 Domain Road

South Yarra,Victoria-

September 2
Counterpoints #01 Marco Fusinato / Vettor Pisani

Counterpoints #01 Marco Fusinato / Vettor Pisani (12th July - 7th October 2018) Contemporary Art Exhibition, curator Eugenio Viola Opening: THURSDAY 12th JULY 2018 Counterpoints - Crossed looks on the present of art Project developed by the Italian Cultural Institute in Melbourne, in partnership with the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) and the Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney. Counterpoint is a term that defines the art of combining note against note (punctum contra punctum), in one or more melodies more or less independent of each other. By extension, the term counterpoint can be used to define any artistic work capable of returning a story focused on themes, motifs or contrasting tones, opposites, yet complementary. On the other hand, the evocative power of art draws together different worlds considered distant, making them by enchantment common and familiar. Counterpoints. Crossed looks on the present of art is a multi-year project, developed through a series of exhibitions that aims precisely to contrast, by affinity or divergence and beyond any generational logic, the search for some of the most interesting Italian artists with that of as many Australian artists, whose work and whose modus operandi are born and relate to contingencies very distant from those that belong to their respective contexts, with the intent to highlight, beyond a supposed distance, physical but above all cultural, new associations of thought, materialized on exhibition occasions that are, at the same time, occasions for meeting and discussion. From this perspective, Counterpoints would like to be the representation of a metaphorical journey in which art demonstrates, once again, the ability to overcome the contingencies, the emotional impasses, the uncertainties of chance, prolonging the time of thought, creating fertile expectations and unexpected short circuits, welding distances and eliminating differences, as art is always for the co-existence of all possible differences, of an historical, political, social, cultural, racial, sexual, religious and cultural nature.


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