Create Relationship Magic Volumes I, II, III, & IV

Crystal Way

1348 9th Avenue

San Francisco,California-94122

September 2
Create Relationship Magic Volumes I, II, III, & IV

Many relationships tend to operate within a set of rules, understandings, and expectations... Including but not limited to our relationship with self! This workshop will allow you to understand how to cultivate empowering relationships in your life.   How will we Create Relationship Magic?! VOL I Become the Master of Balance & Love around Self-Talk, Self-Care, and Self-Actualization VOL II Empower Transformation through Understanding perceptions & Breaking Free from relationship barriers VOL III Connecting to Intuition to guide Relationship Communication, Love & Acceptance  VOL IV Understand Relationship Paradox & Realize Relationship Hopes & Dreams Through exercises and community, we will recreate what it means to cultivate the Relationship Magic that we seek. Our work together begins with the tapping into the infinite opportunities to be your best and stand gracefully in your power.


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    5:00pm - 7:00pm