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Schedule Sun, 11 Jun 2023  2:00 PM Venue The Clay Studio
1425 North American Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

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Dialogues 2: Music From Clay - A Conversation & Performance By Ravi Iyer

Dialogues: A Conversation and Performance is a new series in which we
invite someone to discuss their creative process and present an aspect
or aspects of their work. Today we will be talking with Ravi Iyer to
discuss the ghatam, a clay percussion instrument used in Carnatic music
and to discuss Carnatic Music. Ravi will be interviewed by Swetha
Narasimhan, a Carnatic violin player who also join Ravi in performance.

ghatam is a large, narrow-mouthed earthenware water pot used as a
percussion instrument. Unlike other Indian percussion instruments, such
as the tabla and mridangam, the ghatam does not have a membrane over its
mouth. The ghatam produces a distinctive metallic sound and is made in
several sizes, each size having a different pitch. As used in Carnatic
music, the ghatam is positioned with its mouth pressed against the
player’s stomach. The player taps the surface of the ghatam with the
fingers and the base of the palm and changes the pitch and resonance of
the instrument by varying the pressure of the pot against the stomach.

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Dialogues 2: Music From Clay - A Conversation & Performance By Ravi Iyer

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