doTERRA Wellness Seminar- Essential Oils


Jl. Margonda Raya

Jakarta,Jawa Barat-16424

August 25
doTERRA Wellness Seminar- Essential Oils

Regisration includes Lunch and a free essential oil Gift. Saturday Morning: 9:00 - 12:30 AM The doTERRA Difference (Free to everyone) At dōTERRA, we are on a mission to empower individuals, families and communities to improve their health and wellness. Education is key to helping people improve their well being. Now is the time to learn how dōTERRA essential oils can help you live a healthier and more vibrant life. Please join our health and wellness experts to learn: Why doTERRA is different from other essential oil companies. What makes doTERRA Essential Oils the most potent and effective. How to use essential oils for health concerns and detoxification How to remove and replace your toxic cleaners with healthy, cheaper alternatives How to use essential oils for emotional support and brain chemistry.  How you can support your family’s health using doTERRA’s essential oils and nutritional supplements. Following the “doTERRA Difference” presentation, there will be multiple product demonstration booths set up throughout the room where Wellness Advocates and their guests can see how the products work, sample and ask questions. 12:30 Lunch will be catered and included with your ticket price. Saturday Afternoon: 1:15 – 4:30 PM Empowered SuccessBusiness & Leadership Training ($10 per person) Our business experts will teach you how doTERRA can help you prosper financially through our unique business model. We will teach on the following topics during this session: Learn the doTERRA opportunity in Indonesia as millions of famiiies search for alternatives and natural solutions Leran how doTERRA has become the number 1 essential oil company in every country they have opened in. Learn how your mindset could potentially be holding you back from wellness and financial prosperity. Discover how to share doTERRA with your friends and family in a way that feels natural. Explore how you can pay for your own products, earn extra income, or create a career income by using and sharing doTERRA essential oils. Learn about the tools that will support your efforts in sharing doTERRA and educating people about essential oils. Identify how knowing your strengths can assist you in building your business and leading your team. Join Wellness Experts Melody Watts Alternative Medicine, and top 1% of business leaders in doTERRA worldwide.  Expert, Dr Tony Dawson, Doctor and Expert in Health and Wellness Retreats and Lifestyle, and Wendy Anggawidjaja Pilates and Essential Oil Expert as they teach us this incredible lifestyle with potent plant based options for health and vitality!


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