Dream.Vision.Victory.2021 / Virtual Vision Board Party in Fort Lauderdale

Virtual Workshop

Fort Lauderdale,Florida-

10 January
Dream.Vision.Victory.2021 / Virtual Vision Board Party in Fort Lauderdale
A virtual vision board event unlike any other. Plan out your strategy for 2021. Enter to win great prizes, learn from our speakers & grow your network with ambitious women like yourself. #dvv2021 This year we’re going virtual. Even though we won’t physically be able to network and immerse ourselves in a live experience, we’ve found some innovative ways to bring as many elements of the live event to the virtual edition. There’s no magic switch to move us from a crazy 2020 to a perfectly planned 2021 but consider this your training to make sure you’re ready to get in the ring and make it a knockout year (regardless of the punches thrown). Let’s: · Workshop – Dive into the strategy behind vision boarding and manifesting your desires during the working session. · Learn – Gather tips and tricks from our mini speaker sessions. Learn solutions from speakers with proven success stories in their areas of expertise. · Network – Connect with like-minded women. It’s the perfect opportunity to build meaningful relationships. · Enter to win - Amazing giveaways tied to your 2021 goals · Grab free goodies – You won’t want to miss the surprises in your digital goodie bags · Leave with a plan - Well arm you with the vision and plan to win 2021 (global pandemic or not) WHAT YOULL GET OUT OF THIS EXPERIENCE The objective isn’t to have you build a romanticized collage of pretty pictures of hopes and dreams for you to cling to but to arm you with the mindset, network and essential planning tools you’ll need to help you achieve your goals in life starting with 2021. Grab this opportunity to invest in yourself and come out of this experience with confidence knowing that you have the power to realize the dreams that previously intimidated you. Let’s map out the vision that will move you past the doubts and obstacles and allow you to emerge on the other side of those goals victorious. GIVEAWAYS TO INSPIRE YOUR 2021 GOALS · Finance · Fitness · Organization · Wellness & more TOPICS WELL COVER • Manifestation & positive energy • Financial empowerment • Mental health • Physical health • & more



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