Effective Complaint Handling, Jakarta

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September 3
Effective Complaint Handling, Jakarta

Manage Complaint & Emotional Healing  The ability to deal directly with customers or clients with complaints is crucial for any front-liners or managers in charge. It needs a specific set of skills with a certain level of experiences. It also requires the professionals to have a better understanding and to have the ability to control of the overall situation. At the end of the day, it is the customers and clients that become the main reason of our business existence. The Effective Complaint Handling for Front Liners & Managers training will equip the participants to recognize types of customers and to understand how to deal with several scenarios of complaint. Participant will learn how to deal and manage the situation in the best interest of all parties involved. This program will also address the motivational state and stress aspect of the participants who have to deal with the above situation. The program will guide the Participant in  how to heal their emotional and maintain a motivational level required from any professional front-liners and managers in this area. The Benefit: Understand the challenges and opportunities in handling complaints Recognize types of complaints and type of customers Ability to deal and to face challenging situation in handling complaints Understand how to cope with emotional pressure in the complaint handling situation Understand how to regroup and to refresh professionally and individually Ability to perform complaint handling professionally and regularly Outline Recognizing customer types Recognizing complaint types Dealing with complaints Understanding body languages Effectively handling the complaints Motivating and healing emotional state Stress therapy Exercises Recommended Participants Front-liners (Customer Service, Relationship Management, Front Office, and other customer-related professional) Any Managers who will eventually deal with customer complaints


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