📚 English ・ Japanese - Language Exchange 💠英語と日本語でTalk! in Los Angeles

Cafe Americano

4003 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles,California-90005

3 September
📚 English ・ Japanese - Language Exchange 💠英語と日本語でTalk! in Los Angeles
Hello and こんにちは、 This is a language exchange & study group between native English and Japanese speakers. Please read the Minimum Communication Skill Required below to see if this is the right event for you. Our typical day begins with vocabulary and grammar games, giving new comers focused attention, and challenging their Japanese skill. Open to anyone whose mother-tongue is English or Japanese, consider joining us this Thursday evening who all share the same goal of improving language skill in fun and effective way. いっしょにお茶しましょう! Recommended Japanese Language Level JLPT N2 /N3 3 to 4 Years of college level Japanese classes Ready for 謙譲語・尊敬語 の使い分け Minimum Communication Skill Required: 😁Your Smile! Basic polite speech, e.g.です・ますforms and other 敬語 patterns. Having learned i-adjectives and u-verb conjugation. Native English or Japanese speaker Only. 🛒Cost: Just get a cup of tea or snack. The sandwich and salad bowl offered here are good, with optional vegan fix. Beginner to Intermediate 英会話・Language Exchange and Studies 14~20人の途中参加可能なキャジュアルなイベントです。 場所:Cafe Americano, 4003 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90005 時刻:毎週木曜日 7:30 PM ~ 9:30PM https://www.meetup.com/Central-LA-Language-Exchange/events/ Parking Info: 路上駐車はVan Ness Ave, S. Norton Aveの方ですぐ見つかりますが、7時以後はWilshire Blvdにも駐められます。バレーも可能です(2ドル)。 Easy street parking on Van Ness, Norton, and Wilshire after 7pm. Valet is $2. Feel free to contact any organizer if you have received an unsolicited message from other members. 他のメンバーから当ミートアップの活動と関係のない勧誘、又は迷惑メッセージなどが送られてきた場合、ぜひ管理者まで通報願いします。



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