EU Free Assange Concert/Rally

Place de La Monnaie


23 April
EU Free Assange Concert/Rally
On 23rd of April the EU Free Assange Concert/Rally in Brussels, on the Place de la Monnaie is arranged so the people of Europe can voice their support for freeing Julian Assange. We the people all stand behind Assange and recognise the EU as the second most powerful institution which can influence the case, after Washington.  However, we see that the EU is allowing this persecution to happen, on its doorsteps without expressing outrage to the danger that it will affect European/World Press Freedom irreversibly. The Motion of the Rally: ´We the people of Europe demand the EU voice their support in the freeing of Julian Assange´ is being signed by many politicians/public figures and the public, to be handed in after the event. The world famous ´Chicks on Speed´ music Ensemble will be giving an Open-Air Concert, bringing with them their many fans to join the Free Assange movement, which is growing every day! This together with a fantastic film crew of the band including Prof. Florian Schneider (Film director for Arte & Kein Mensch ist Illegal), Joen Vedel & Mohammad Bayesteh (Camera men) who will live stream the Concert & Speeches through numerous channels across the globe & make a video. Prominent speakers such as Nils Melzer (UN Special Rapporteur on Torture), Anthony Bellanger (International Federation of Journalists), Ögmund Jönasson (former Icelandic Minister of Justice and Human Rights) & Dr Deepa Driver (ICMA Centre) will make the voice of Europeans´ outrage clearly heard on stage between songs especially composed for Julian, as we face the Extradition of the Award-Winning Journalist for Peace, to the State that threatened to murder him. Before the Concert/Rally at 2pm we hope the Free University Brussels (ULB) will host a lecture from one of the speakers to encourage the participation of students in the afternoon. On the 24th March there will be a promotion Online event where all the speakers and artists are invited to give a taster & encourage people to attend with  #FreeAssange signs & banners.



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