Five Days Training To Improve Your Financial Model and Analysis Knowledge with PFM


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September 3
Five Days Training To Improve Your Financial Model and Analysis Knowledge with PFM

To excel in competitive business and capital market, analyst must apply analytical skills which beyond those used by others.Professional Financial Modeler (PFM) is unique certification which blends financial analysis with spreadsheet modeling which makes complex concepts easy to understand and apply.PFM has adopted many breakthrough methods and concepts unknown to most financial practitioners. Knowing them will propel your financial engineering skill and unleash hidden business values.- Do you know that the widely held decision making rule on project feasibility has fundamental weaknesses? It will impact the decision even on billion dollar projects.- Do you know that the value of all asset classes are connected? How do you model the connection? It will profoundly change your portfolio management.- Do you know the real nature, how to model and connect concepts such as Enterprise Value, DCF, Residual Income, CFADS, NPV and many others. Do you know that they are all connected? Understanding them will enable you to win negotiation and trades.- How do you know if your project really adds value? Discover the technique for calculating Return on Development (ROD).- Also many othersPFM Program is packaged as training and one level exam. When you pass, you obtain PFM Designation (degree behind your name). The exam encourages you to learn and retain knowledge long after training. The program is undergoing ISO 17024 accreditation for worldwide acceptance on quality.Clients and employers can search your profile in PFM member platform and bring recognition to your credential.Enjoy FREE access to PFM E-Learning platform. Jakarta, Weekend class, Every Saturday, 04 August - 01 Sept 2018 Exam date: 15 September 2018 (In Jakarta)Visit PFM website You can download PFM Body of Knowledge and Program Syllabus.More info, email or call +6221-58910022, 58910055, 58910060


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