FREE JKYog Online Yoga Sessions in Dallas




3 September
FREE JKYog Online Yoga Sessions in Dallas
Highlights The session focuses on providing tools and methodologies to improve physical health and well being of the mind. The session will provide insights into Yogasans and Warm-up - Classic sequence of asanas for mind, body and soul Suryanamaskar - Set of very powerful 12 asanas Pranayam/Breathing Techniques - Proper breathing, Yogic breathing exercises and benefits. Question and Answer Session - Exclusive Q&A Session at the end of every class to get your queries clarified. When Every Saturday at 4:30 PM CST. Eligibility People of all mobility levels are welcome. No prior Yoga knowledge or experience required. Join WhatsApp group to receive the reminders. Click here to join WhatsApp group - Website: Join Via Zoom:



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