Heal & Balance your Energy Centers with Crystals

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September 2
Heal & Balance your Energy Centers with Crystals

Crystals shift our energy by moving and magnifying stagnant energy, much like chi moves to facilitate healing during acupuncture. Understanding how to work with crystals enables an individual to speed their personal growth and evolution, as well as deepen their intuition. Learn to tap onto the amazing power of crystals! Whether you wear them as jewellery, carry them in your pocket, use them to decorate your home or office, or use them to meditate, they work powerfully to open your energy pathways, dissolves blockages and balance your energy. During the workshop you will learn how to : * Cleanse, activate & program your crystals * How to meditate with crystals * Different chakra balancing methods * How to choose crystals for healing, business, energy and clarity of mind, good luck, good relationships and much more…. Please click for more information: http://www.heartofpolaris.com/workshop/crystal-healing-meditation/ Date : 2 September 2018 (Sunday)Time : 10.00 am to 1.00 pmCourse Fees : $150 (include a pack of 7 chakra healing crystals) For Registration Please Contact Shirley at +65 9199 2684 For more details and information on workshops and classes schedule please check out our website at www.heartofpolaris.com, co-founder of ReDefine Wellness Centre.


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