inLydia's Kitchen - A Dining Experience


321 Glenferrie Road


August 22
inLydias Kitchen - A Dining Experience

During your dining experience, I will show you what I focus on in my home from day to day. Come and explore my food fantasy, exploration of Italian regions through scent and taste, sound and feel. Upon entry, you will be immersed in an Italian home enthralled by classical music and tastes of Italy’s South. Amongst known and new friends, you will be taken through three different meal recipes that have been passed on to me and that I use in my home. We do it the Italian way - sit back, relax, taste and entice yourself all whilst learning how to cook in the home.  Not only do you leave feeling entertained and fed, but also with a luxurious take away pack. Let me take you on an Italian feast. After all, I am a housewife!


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    5:00pm - 7:00pm