Intro to Essential Oils Workshop

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August 18
Intro to Essential Oils Workshop

Have you ever wondered what Essential Oils are?  Should you use them and how they can benefit you? If you are interested in learning more about Essential Oils and why their delicious smells are just the beginning of the properties they hold, this is the workshop for you.We cover all the basics regarding essential oil use including methods of application, common practice guidelines, top tips, safety guidelines and an opportunity to discuss any areas of your life where you may like to specifically incorporate oils. * Please note, this workshop is suitable for anyone who isn’t an existing DoTerra member.  If you already have an existing account you are more than welcome to join us at one of our future ticketed paid events. HOW THEY FLOW+ Interactive learning experiences from inspiring knowledge-powered individuals+ Share oils+ Sample oils+ Play with oils+ Question+ Comprehensive workbook emailed to you post workshop WHYWe choose to share our knowledge in a workshop environment so we can encourage light-hearted learning.  We can share and learn in a supportive, fun and open environment.  We love that we can bring together like minded individuals to create an inclusive community and challenge the social media appearance that wellness looks like this or wellness is only for a certain type of person.  Alternative health is for everyone so why not join us and maybe find yourself amongst a few like minded friends. ** Please also note, we ask that you are respectful of our time, if you cannot attend, please give us 48 hours notice and cancel your attendance so another person may take your place x


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