The Prrana

1, Examiner Press Building

Mumbai,Dalal St-

24 March
About The Event Immersive Sound Experience PLAYSHOP Conducting a Sound Healing play/workshop for enthusiasts in the field of sound and music. Also aiming to grow our ISE team. Introducing veterans in the field of music, wellness, and Sound who will conduct sessions in their fields of expertise enriching the participants experience and journey. For more details please call - Hormazd - 9920263390 / Swapnil - 9892141100 GUIDELINES Just a few pointers to make you all more receptive towards this experience. Wear clothing that is comfortable and loose & ideally keep an empty/partially empty stomach. Participants may be tapped gently in case they start snoring. It disturbs the other participants Be there early so that you can, freshen up, settle down into the space, and be relaxed to tune in. The session will begin on time. Best to switch off or keep your phone on airplane mode to avoid radiation and to ensure a seamless focused immersive sound experience. Participants are requested to stay in their chosen spots and not move around after the session commences. Any movement or noise will take away from the Immersive experience other participants are witnessing. Please bring your own Yoga mats and a little pillow if needed as 90% of the session will happen with you laying down on the floor. We advise carrying a soft shawl or blanket as well. The program is hosted by One Design and Presented by Immersive Sound Experience



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