Linda Aronson's 2-Day Advanced Screenwriting Masterclass 2018

Arts House - North Melbourne Town Hall

521 Queensberry Street


August 18
Linda Aronsons 2-Day Advanced Screenwriting Masterclass 2018

Linda Aronsons Advanced Screenwriting Masterclass 2018, Melbourne 18-19 August, 9.30 -5.00 each day New structures in  film, TV, Games and  VR Recommended for scriptwriters, producers, directors, creatives in film, TV, games, VR Are you struggling to fit multiple protagonists or nonlinear storylines or flashbacks into a single hero model for a game or a film or a TV series? Does your script feel as if doesnt fit the Hollywood model?  Are you struggling to fit multiple protagonists or nonlinear storylines or flashbacks into a single hero model for a game or a film or a TV series? Are you a games or VR writer interested in pushing the envelope with new forms of Future Storytelling? Would you like to write a TV drama series structured like Pulp Fiction? Over many years, Linda Aronsons internationally acclaimed and groundbreaking books and masterclasses on 21st Century screenwriting have repeatedly and methodically challenged Hollywood orthodoxy and exploded its taboos. To the delight of thousands of  writers, producers and directors all over the world frustrated by the insistence on a linear, single hero, one-size-fits-all approach to story construction, she explains how to create and apply nonlinear, flashback,  multiple protagonist, fractured and Pulp Fiction-style narrative structures opening up a whole raft of new storytelling possibilities.    Its a wild new world in which the same character can be protagonist in one time frame but an antagonist in another; where stories can have a massive exposition and virtually no second act but still hold together and play magnificently, where nonlinear fragmented structures can fix problem and unbalanced scripts – and, crucially, where all of these complex films, including 21 Grams, Pulp Fiction and Memento are shown to follow clear patterns that writers can use as templates, blueprints. For the first time in a decade Linda comes to Melbourne with the latest version of this this unique and revolutionary masterclass.  Across two packed days she explains the  principles of over twenty sorts of structure that dont fit the Hollywood model and explains how you can use them - focusing mainly on films and TV (showing how to use them to promote binge viewing in long form TV series), but also outlining their use in  live action VR and games. If youve ever struggled with flashback or multiple protagonists or thought youd love to write a nonlinear film but didnt know how to start,  here are your answers.                                                                              Schedule Day 1: (18 August 2018): Mentor antagonist stories, tandem narrative, multiple protagonist narrative, double journeys, simple flashback Day 2: (19 August 2018) Complex flashback forms, consecutive stories (including Pulp Fiction), fractured tandem, nonlinear fixes for film. Overview of nonlinear multiplot in games and VR and to promote binge viewing in new generation serial TV serials.  the what and the how to create of six families of nonlinear and multiplot narrative and their subcategories (over 30 story structures) that dont fit the Hollywood model, including 9 types of flashback structure; How each form relies on splitting up, multiplying or truncating the basic three act structure of traditional screenwriting according to predictable patterns that you can use as templates; How to use multiple protagonists, mentor antagonists, the passive protagonist - and how the same character can be a protagonist in one time frame and antagonist in another; ‘the death of the second act’ , that is, structures that truncate or do away with the second act altogether; also, stories that are exposition-heavy and cannot be told suspensefully except via non-linear; How to use cross-connecting devices, including the macro plot and the facilitating character; How to use the portmanteau structure a structural technique which permits a number of stories to piggyback on the structural build of one story (as in Pulp Fiction, Amores Perros etc) Using a portmanteau to create your own Pulp Fiction-style structure; Using nonlinear fixes for problem feature films; How to use nonlinear series arcs to trigger binge viewing in new generationTV drama serials. How nonlinear forms in games can increase emotional engagement and replayability. Nonlinear and multiplot in VR                                                                                 ______________________________________ What the experts say. Linda Aronson is one of the great and important voices on screenwriting.’ Linda Seger At last you will understand Pulp Fiction! All the vague confusing things that teachers and studio executives say about flashback, turning points and multiple protagonists are whipped into coherent shape, in a comprehensive, precise and extremely practical theory. Christopher Vogler, The Writers Journey Anyone who has heard Linda Aronson speak about screenwriting knows that the insight that she can offer YOU, about YOUR screenplay, is extraordinary. I have personally heard all of the so called ‘script gurus’ speak, and I can tell you, if you want advanced professional script insight, Linda is the person for you. Chris Jones, Academy-Award Nominated Screenwriter, organizer London Screenwriters Festival Its a huge achievement, an incredibly comprehensive analysis of what the screenwriter does, of what can go right and what can go wrong and how to fix it when it does. I highly recommend it. Andrew Bovell, Lantana, Blessed, Edge of Darkness ‘Linda Aronson is one of my heroes. My inspiration. Screenwriting Updated blew me away … Linda Aronson was the first person, maybe still the only person to really talk about the fact that structure doesn’t always have to be about one form.’ Pilar Alessandra. Leading Hollywood Scriptwriting Teacher Narrative structure goddess Linda Aronson Lucy Hay, top UK script editor Five Stars. Tired of the Syd Field and Robert McKee dyad? Screenwriter Linda Aronson has a new nuts-and-bolts book that could leave the other gurus searching for day jobs.Erick Opeka ‘F- ing brilliant’ Duncan Thompson, writer/script editor/ screenwriting teacher   FAQs What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event? Close to transport connections, Meat Market is accessible in a number of ways. Please visit Public Transport Victoria for options specific to your journey. TramTram 19 - Alight at Haymarket (stop #9)Trams 58 and 59 - Alight at Royal Melbourne Hospital (stop #14) TrainFlagstaff Station - 15 minute walk Melbourne Central Station - 15 minute walk North Melbourne Station - 20 minute walk BusBus 402 - Courtney/Wreckyn St stopBus 401 and 403 - Royal Melbourne Hospital stop Parking Meat Market has no public parking available on site. The surrounding area has limited permit, metered and timed on-street parking. With over 20 locations in Melbourne CBD, Secure Parking is proud to partner with Meat Market to offer a discounted $5 per entry ticket on weekends to our Blackwood Street Car Park directly opposite the venue. Open from 7am to 7.30pm*, PREBOOK your parking now at 14-20 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne. At the end of your booking process, enter promo code: MEATMARKET. Parking must be booked online and paid for BEFORE arriving at the car park.   What can I bring into the event? Materials to take notes   How can I contact the organiser with any questions?   Whats the refund policy? Refunds available until 7 days before the event.  Refunds will be processed in 5 working days. Contact


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