Love Etc.

90 Goodman Road


12 November
Love Etc.
How do people navigate non-conventional love in the Lion City? Produced by Wisdom of Monkeys Productions, Love etc. brings to you intertwined unconventional love stories, told in the form of a funny, gritty, heart-warming play featuring original songs and dance sequences by Gillian M Tan and Aiswarya Nair. Laurent, an aspiring French playwright living in Singapore, is developing an auto fictional play about love in the Lion City, together with Sanjay, a part-time SQ pilot, part-time budding director. The play features characters based on real-life divorced Malay woman Siti and widowed Chinese man Soon Kong, two HDB neighbours in their forties, who for years have been unwilling to confront their love for each other. One day, their worlds fall apart as their worst filial fears come true: Fikka, Sitis daughter, is going out with angmoh Laurent, and CK, Soon Kongs son, turns out to be gay and dating Sanjay! Will the play work its magic and convince the parents to confess their love to each other as well as accept their childrens partners at one stroke?



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