Mission2Mars VR Tech Tour (Visit 5 Disruptive Silicon Valley Startups in 1 Day) in San Francisco

San Francisco

Fort Mason Center

San Francisco,California-94122

4 September
Mission2Mars VR Tech Tour (Visit 5 Disruptive Silicon Valley Startups in 1 Day) in San Francisco
Dive into the world of Virtual Reality. Experience the Future that is already here!  Excited about the world of Virtual Reality? Curious to know what Silicon Valley pioneers in Virtual Reality are working on today?  Looking to integrate this technology into your company? Looking into partnering with VR companies in Silicon Valley? Come join Mission2Mars for breathtaking VR Tech Tour in Silicon Valley. VR Tech Tour is a unique one-day experience for those who come to the Valley to learn about new technologies and meet disruptive startups – the “secret sauce” of Silicon Valley.   In this tour, you will visit the most disruptive innovative VR Tech companies in Silicon Valley and get hands on with cutting edge technologies and hottest innovation trends in the field of Virtual Reality. You will meet the founders and CEOs of innovative startups and hear their insider stories. What You Will Get:  Visit 5 Most Disruptive Silicon Valley Startups.  Learn who the most disruptive VR tech companies in Silicon Valley are Try the cutting edge VR technologies startups are creating. Find VR applications for your business needs.  Understand the trends in VR tech that are shaping the future of industries.  To first try technologies and prototypes that are not yet released to the public! Who Should Attend this Tour: Companies who are interested in integrating VR technology within their business and all individuals interested in the VR tech.    Take a journey to the future with Mission2Mars.Academy! Spend 1 full unforgetable day visiting Silicon Valley disruptive VR startups.  Best experience Silicon Valley can possibly offer!    Our tour will start from an introductory meeting at Mission2Mars.Academy - at 9.00 at 600 California streeet, 11th floor, San Francisco. Please bring your ID with you.    In this tour you will visit 5 Space Tech Startups. The list of companies changes each week - you will receive your tour agenda and company meetings information after booking your tour.    Please contact us at: tours@mission2mars.academy if you have any questions.                                    GET FUTURE READY!   JOIN THE MISSION    www.mission2mars.academy   Twitter https://twitter.com/Mission2marsA  LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/mission2mars-academy/  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Mission2Mars.Academy/  Telegram Channel https://t.me/Mission2Mars  Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mission2mars.academy/ Meetup Group https://www.meetup.com/Mission2Mars-Academy-Events



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