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About The Event Next Startup Event in Association with NASSOCOM and Partnership with F6S, The association hosts an annual event called Next Startup Event to Support entrepreneurship and innovation among Indian startups as startup era has lost its prestige due to many falls of trends in due course. Next Startup Event- Fail Safe provides a platform for startups to showcase their products, gain exposure, and attract funding from investors. Our past events have been successful in providing opportunities for startups to meet potential investors and customers. We as Next Startup Event also offers startup accelerator program that provides seed capital and mentorship to entrepreneurs. We are excited to share our upcoming startup event! This time, well highlight some of the regions most innovative and interesting startups. This event is for you if you want to connect with and network with other business owners. Lets Talk Startup is a platform hosted by for startups where they can network, share ideas, and discuss challenges. Agenda: The Idea behind the Next Startup Event is to help the Indian startup founder with their startup idea to get them in market with the support. As the is huge inclination in demand of new startup as the failure rate is above 95%, moreover if they have a good idea, they do not know how to build a growth strategy to TAM with the right prospects and customers. There are many partners in the market with some great mentorship program but still they are not approachable and would not able to dedicate themselves to the fullest. However, understanding this market gap, we have come up a solution to patch in through the actual board member such as CXO, CTO, COO, CMO, CFO and more. We have invited various expert from the different industry groups such as investor, mentors and advisor. Startup will have enough time without any obligation to interact with the community people and Discuss concepts with businesses at various stages. Meet potential clients for their company (Collaboration, Partnership, etc.) & A chance to network with like-minded individuals from different startups Fail Safe Meetup: Event Details Date: 10 Dec, 2022 Agenda: We are excited to share our upcoming start-up event! This time, well highlight some of the regions most innovative and interesting start-ups. It’s a day on event. Please register for the event day. Registration Process: Venue: NASSCOM CoE IoT & AI, Hartron Innovation Hub, First Floor, Plot 1, Udyog Vihar Phase 1, Dundahera Village, Old Delhi Gurgoan Road, Gurugram, Haryana 122016 Registration Link: Host: Sarfraz Khan & Sunny Ahlawat Contact Details: Whatpp Link: For Event Sponsorship: These days, there is so much information available that it might be challenging to concentrate on the few essentials you need to launch a successful Startup. What we feel & believe is that startup entrepreneurs require more than simply funding; they also need coaching, Mentoring and Right Board. How, When, what, and How to Use the Idea. Key Highlight of the events It brought together some of the most prominent figures in the startup ecosystem - Startup founders, investors, and thought leaders- to share their experiences and learnings with each other. The event saw over 500 delegates from across India converging at one place to discuss how they can scale their businesses and what are the challenges they face while doing so. It also saw over 100 international delegates joining in via live stream from around the world. IMMEDIATE ACCESS Speak with the leading investor at the Round Table directly and benefit from their attention. MEETING FOR NETWORKING Spends a full day mingling with more than 20 high-performing startup CEOs and founders as well as 150 high-performing business, marketing, financial, and legal professionals. STARTUP TIMES COMMUNITY ACCESS A selected few fortunate startups will be featured on our platform and be able to obtain investment from our community of over 100 startup investors. Board of C-Executive: Its really hard to hire the good C-level Executive, Get all the executive under 1 table like CXO, CEO, CFO, CMO, CTO. As this is the biggest struggle to have them onboard. With our new 3 EXCLUSIVE INVESTOR CONNECT, these 3 investors will be uniquely available for you, giving you a fantastic opportunity to establish a long-lasting connection with them at the event. BRUNCH WITH CRUMPETS Because we understand how demanding such high-performance events can be, weve made arrangements for free brunch, snacks, and crumpets to encourage networking among attendees.



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