Power, Rank & Privilege: Playing with the cards you have in Brunswick

Brunswick, Victoria, Australia


14 February
Power, Rank & Privilege: Playing with the cards you have in Brunswick
This workshop (formerly called ‘Playing with your Power’) presents you with a very tangible and understandable way of looking at your power, privilege and rank. Rank, power and privilege are everywhere. They govern what we can and can’t do, how we conduct ourselves in conflicts, how relationships evolve… and our happiness. Privileges are sometimes given to us at birth, and sometimes we earn them. They give us the rank and power we experience in relation to others. Privileges are far more nuanced than simply being something that some have, and others don’t; there are many different types of privilege, and they interact in some fascinating ways. They sometimes feel positive, and sometimes negative. And the ones we think are going to bring us what we want in life often fail to do so. This workshop presents you with a very tangible and understandable way of looking at privilege. It will make sense of or provide alternative perspective on a lot of the things in your world. You will then be shown more about how to gain access to the privileges you don’t have, and how sharing the ones you do have is one of the most reliable paths to happiness currently known to us. The material includes time spent considering what happens when those with power use it selfishly or without awareness. However, we’re going to have so much more fun than simply leaving the topic there. And no-one will be shamed for having certain privileges; we take a very different approach. This workshop is likely to suit those interested in self-development and self-awareness. It will benefit people in relationships, or people with an interest in ethics and politics. It will be of interest to those who want to understand (and be more at peace with) how they fit into the great social scheme of things, and to people who want to do more things in the world, and for whom more power would be useful. This workshop will be of interest to those that identify as having a lot of privileges, and those that don’t. Facilitator: Roger Butler Power, Rank & Privilege is presented by Roger Butler, who’s been the principal facilitator and driving force behind Curious Creatures for nine years. Their training is in sexuality, facilitation, and counselling, and they’re easily one of Australia’s most prolific sexuality facilitators. Find out more about Rog and the team: https://www.curiouscreatures.biz/aboutcuriouscreatures.html See full details of this event at https://www.curiouscreatures.biz/power-rank-and-privilege-playing-with-the-cards-you-have.html This is one of ~30 workshops offered by Curious Creatures (Australia’s biggest provider in the field). If you’re interested in this event you may want to check out ‘Turning Relationship Lead into Gold: working with conflict’. Or the online version of ‘Turning Relationship Lead into Gold’. See all in-person, online, and pre-recorded workshops at https://www.curiouscreatures.biz/workshops.html INTENSITY: Two or three out of four chillies. Issues of rank, power and privilege are sometimes close to home for some of us. WHO FOR: Anyone with an interest in the topic. WHO NOT FOR: People with no interest in self-reflection or becoming more empowered. WHAT EXERCISES?: Many exercises, mostly based around inner-work with some small group sharing and large group discussion. WILL THERE BE PAIR WORK? There will be some discussion and sharing done in pairs, trios, and small groups. HOW WILL PAIRING BE DONE? Randomly. CAN YOU WORK EXCLUSIVELY with partner/s you arrive with? Not relevant. NUDITY / SEXUAL CONTENT: None. (If that seems like a strange issue to be clarifying, please note that many other Curious Creatures workshops include adult content). COMMITMENT: You may sit out of any activity, or participate only to a level thats right for you. RATIO of discussion to experiential: The workshop is a mix of theory and discussion in a large-group format, as well as exercises of activities done as solo inner-work, pair-work, trios, or small group discussions. BRING: Water bottle, your own snacks. Bring lunch, or you can wander out to a cafe at lunch-time. WEAR: Whatever youre comfortable in. LOGISTICS LATE POLICY: Unless otherwise stated, workshops start at the advertised time, and doors will be locked ten minutes later. This is because late arrivals interrupt the dynamic of the group, and will miss crucial safety information. TICKETS ON DOOR?: All workshop tickets must be pre-purchased online, before the event. It is never possible to pay cash at the door; you will be turned away. More info at https://www.curiouscreatures.biz/faq.html TICKETS Our rounds of tickets are really simple: theyre all the same, except that some of them are cheaper, to encourage you to book in early (because it makes a huge difference to us in terms of planning). Round One tickets are similar to early bird tickets, and make up almost half of all ticket sales. Round Two tickets, slightly more expensive than Round One, also make up almost half of all ticket sales. Round Three tickets are generally only there once were close to being sold out, but can squeeze in a late-comer or two. If youre feeling generous, you can buy whatever ticket feels right, but in general, folks buy the cheapest ones available. For this workshop, tickets range in price from $90 to $140, per person. DATES AND TIMES To purchase tickets and book in, go to https://www.curiouscreatures.biz/power-rank-and-privilege-playing-with-the-cards-you-have.html You’re going to love our podcast: https://www.curiouscreatures.biz/podcast.html PLEASE NOTE: We advertise our events in many places; indications of attendees are irrelevant, and always less than reality.



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