Radio in The West End

The Roxy

3 Rathbone Place

The West End,Greater London-W1T 1HJ

3 September
Radio in The West End
Every Thursday night in the central London subterranean haven of The Roxy, join Radio for the finest pop explosion in London. Spinning through the decades the Radio DJ’s take you on a musical tour of everything from 80’s pop, through electro pop, bouncing off the walls of hip hop and landing feet first on the dance floor of the finest chart pop of today, tomorrow and beyond. Expect Rihanna. Expect Madonna. Expect Bieber. Expect Tiga. Expect Blondie. Expect Beyonce. Expect Spears. Expect Swift. Expect Dre. Expect Drake. Expect Pop. Expect A Lot. 241 beers and half price cocktail pitchers all night make this Thursday night blow out the only place to be in London. Guest lists for large parties, small groups or simply singles available by emailing Remember to stay tuned to @radionightroxy for club news broadcasts with no travel updates.



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