Salute to American Veterans Rally

Bennett Avenue

Bennett Ave

Cripple Creek,CO-80813

August 17
Salute to American Veterans Rally

A.K.A Biker Weekend. Colorado’s largest procession of motorcycles Celebrates 30 YEARS The annual Colorado POW/MIA Recognition Ride celebrates its 30th Anniversary this August. This spectacular show of respect and admiration for America’s Prisoners of War and those still Missing in Action began as a very humble effort by a few Southern Colorado Bikers who wanted to make a statement. In 1987, The crew at High Country Custom Cycles rounded up some Friends, Veterans & local Bikers, and organized a gathering at the shop on a warm Sunday morning. The group affixed POW/MIA flags to their motorcycles and headed out. The strategy was to make as much noise as possible and hopefully get the attention of some of the local citizens. The effort ended up accomplishing much more. Year after year, the POW/MIA Recognition Ride continued to flourish in Colorado Springs. The ride grew from a dozen or so motorcycles to 100 the second year and many hundreds after that. Over the next several years, the ride turned into an overnighter, attracted vendors and ultimately gave birth to what is now known as the Salute to American Veterans rally held annually in Cripple Creek. From its humble beginnings, the ride has always been a volunteer effort. Just one year younger than the infamous “Rolling Thunder” ride on Washington DC, Colorado’s POW/MIA Recognition Ride has maintained its integrity and its longevity, proving that it is a solid proposition worthy of the support of all of Colorado’s motorcyclists. One participant had this to say: “If you’ve never been on this ride, you owe it to yourself to do it at least once. I have never felt so proud to be an American as I did when we crested the hill and rolled into Cripple Creek … met by those thousands of patriots and that huge American flag. It sent shivers up my spine and the feelings of pride and patriotism were like none I had ever felt.”


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