Smells Like A Song

The Courthouse Hoitel

86-90 Errol Street


August 18
Smells Like A Song

Smells Like A Song sees the multi-talented Impro Melbourne players pulling an entire musical out of thin air. And as with any Impro Melbourne show audience participation is an integral part of the fun. Each member of the audience receives a rose and at any point during the show that rose can be tossed onstage with a cry of ‘Smells Like a Song!’ Cue the players to stop dead in their tracks and belt out a show stopper. Smells Like A Song is a glorious musical melting pot of styles and genres. When the curtain comes down the players are hoarse, the stage is ankle deep in roses and all that’s left to do is enjoy a nightcap in the Courthouse Hotel bar. This is La La Land on your doorstep. A night of musical mayhem that celebrates the very best in improvisation and onstage collaboration. --- (free listing short) Smells Like A Song has the talented Impro Melbourne players pulling an entire improvised musical out of thin air. The audience decides when it’s time for a song by tossing roses onto the stage and yelling, ‘Smells Like a Song!’ The performers oblige and the musical mayhem unfolds.


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