Tectonic: Personal Brand Identity Workshop and more... in San Antonio


135 W Olmos Dr

San Antonio,Texas-

1 September
Tectonic: Personal Brand Identity Workshop and more... in San Antonio
Purpose of the Brand Identity Workshop and Retreat... This workshop is geared to empower you and inspire you to unleash embedded potential.  You were created on purpose for a purpose.  We deserve to operate and execute from meaningful engagement.  Nevertheless, we can thrive in our sphere of influence should we tap into lasting inspiration.  When we work from inspiration there is little that can deter us from getting to where we want to go! Our purpose is a journey, not a destination! You can enjoy the benefits of this worldview quickly as you choose to discover yourself within this context of expression at work and at home. Three areas we will cover during our time together: -Personal Brand Identity Development:  Mission, Vision, and Values, will be worked on and tools will be leveraged to provide greater clarity of who you are and how you can best serve the marketplace.  -Listening to God:  We are partnered with ONE and Nissi Nation to help provide spiritual guidance during this process as well as an opportunity for you to hear the voice of God and plug into a community of prayer ministers that will be glad to journey with you. -Personal Ministry:  This is a time of anointing and a time of personal counseling with our partner in San Antonio, TX, Nancy Sheridan.  Nancy has been a counselor in San Antonio, TX for over 10 years.  She has the skills and heart to help you no matter what you are going through.   Desired Outcome: When we know our WHY there is little that stands in our way!  We will craft a salient message that will set the tone and direction for how you do business and personal life. Our desired outcome is that you will come out of this workshop/retreat with clarity, tools, and freedom.  God needs us to walk in the freedom that he so dearly paid for in order to set the captives free and bring in the 1 Billion soul harvest that the #betectonic community has endeavored to help gather alongside other ministers worldwide.  LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED!!!!



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