"The ABC's of ADHD" in Silverdale

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12 January
The ABCs of ADHD in Silverdale
The ABCs of ADHD will be presented January 12 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm by Victoria Crescenzi, Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrician, Pediatric Clinic, Bremerton Naval Hospital Join us on Zoom to meet with and ask questions of our beloved, knowledgeable, and fun Dr. Crescenzi. Register in advance for this meeting at: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEufu2oqjIqGNPiLfY2NYFj31SVFb_GxHrp After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing the code and password to join the meeting. Attending this meeting - 6:30 - 7:00 Betty Bennett, Zoom host, nurse practitioner, and Kitsap CHADD board member will accept you into the meeting. Until accepted, you will be in a “waiting room.” How to Zoom - 1. Download the free Zoom app on your device. 2. Set up an account with a password. 3. Enter Zoom and familiarize yourself with what the buttons do for you. Read the below Zoom Tips to help. 4. Enter your name as your Zoom screen name, otherwise your screen name will be whatever your device is called, as in, “Mom’s iPad.” 5. Please try to keep your phone, tablet or computer still - as in don’t move around constantly. 6. Try not to have a direct light behind you either by a bright window or by a light bulb. 7. Headphones can be helpful to use during a Zoom meeting. 8. Be aware that there are sometimes time delays or lags. Sometimes a voice does not keep up with the screen or vice versa. 9. Meeting time is not tech support or troubleshooting time. If you have not used Zoom or have questions about the log on process, please contact us before the meeting date. 10. For reasons of security, please do NOT post this Zoom Meeting ID and Passcode info to your public social media profiles. Non-members/visitors are very welcome. Please invite them and let them register themselves. 11. After you ask the speaker a question mute your mic. 12. If you wish to communicate with other participants, use the “chat” feature. You can send a message to an individual or broadcast to everyone. If the icon in your toolbar changes color, someone has sent you a message. Click this icon to read your message. 13. Remember, you must have the Zoom app on your device. It is free and works across all platforms (PC, Mac, smart phone or tablet). There are tutorial videos that can help you learn to use the basic features. To get online support for AD/HD and comorbidity now, please go to www.chadd.org for webinars, articles, and evidence based information. Helpful Info: • A lending library • Free informational materials • Snacks and beverages provided • NO CHARGE • NO pre-sign-up needed Extra Stuff: • Nationally, CHADD offers support and information for Parents, AD/HD Adults, Educators, and Health Care Professionals. For further information, please call Lynn Myrvang at 360-779-5362 or Kerry Miller at 360-697-3922. • We ask parents to invite their childrens teachers, school nurses, counselors, and psychologists to our meetings and to let them know that we offer clock hours at a very reasonable fee. • Professional Clock Hours Offered - Attend a meeting to earn clock hours through my247.ed.com. Contact Tod Whitman at support@my247ed.com for more information. • Kitsap CHADD will never sell or rent your email address. Your email address is collected only for member communication and data reporting to CHADD, our parent organization. CHADD does not sell or distribute your email address for commercial marketing purposes • NOTE - CHADD does not endorse or represent products, services, publication, medications or treatments. Meetings are free and open to the public, although membership with CHADD is strongly encouraged, since your local group will receive a portion of your dues to continue supporting your community • Interested in finding out more about being part of our Kitsap CHADD leadership? Email Lynn at myrvang@comcast.net. Youre not saying yes by contacting me. You’re just finding out about it. We look forward to seeing you! Lynn Myrvang, Volunteer Kitsap CHADD Coordinator



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