The Authentic Workplace: How Authenticity Is Creating The Workplace Of Tomorrow in Philadelphia

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8 January
The Authentic Workplace: How Authenticity Is Creating The Workplace Of Tomorrow in Philadelphia
Whether its branding, marketing, sales, leadership, managing, or recruiting, every aspect of the modern workplace is shifting. Companies are now expected to interact with customers through the digital world. Leaders are required to be tranparent. Managers are now expected to be coaches due to the rapid changing times. But where is this all headed?The new destination is authenticity. But what is authenticity? Is it simply being yourself and expect the world to respond? And how can this be applied to create a workplace where people actually enjoy working? In this book, Jeff Butler explores what it means to be authentic, the shifting workplace trends requiring authenticity and effective ways to create a culture employees enjoy. This book is a must if you are look ing to be relevant in todays changing workplace. Author Jeff Butler is an author and international keynote speaker who helps organizations improve their retention of millennial employees. A native Californian and raised in Silicon Valley, Jeff spent his entire life in the highest turnover ever in recorded history. Graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science, Jeff first hand experienced the competition and challenges of recruiting, attracting and retaining top talent. Unlike other millennials experts of the subject, Jeff has been in the trenches of what it means to be a millennial and what it takes to retain and keep them engaged. For example, as a software engineer, Jeff has received dozens of emails and calls per month from recruiters. With Jeff s versatile background, he has helped fortune 500 companies, and thousands of professionals across the United States. In addition to appearing on TEDx in both 2016 and 2017. The Best Business Minds - $0.00



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