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About The Event Times Prime, India’s premium lifestyle subscription app has created a remarkable culinary feat by partnering with Masque Lab Indias best restaurant and Asias 16th-best restaurant - to curate the ‘The Gourmet Table’. This exclusive event, available only to Times Prime members, will offer an eight-course culinary experience, along with welcome cocktails, for the first time at Masque Lab in Mumbai on May 26. Leading the gastronomic adventure as co-host is Chef Varun Totlani, who will meticulously craft a multi-course menu featuring a unique combination of local and seasonal ingredients from around the world, tantalizing the taste buds of esteemed guests. Masque Labs emphasis on using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and their innovative interpretation of traditional Indian flavors will provide members with an opportunity to indulge in an unforgettable and extraordinary culinary journey. As Asias 16th-best restaurant, Masque Labs luxurious setting, which showcases the fusion of art, design, and culinary finesse, will offer patrons a front-row, sophisticated and refined gastronomic experience. This collaboration with Masque Lab comes after the resounding success of The Gourmet Table held last month at the Indian Accent, New Delhi. Ranked #22 in Asia by Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, the carefully-curated culinary experience at one of the iconic restaurants in the country left a memorable impression on the hearts and tummies of Times Prime members. Commenting on this edition, Harshita Singh, Business Head of Times Prime, said, Times Prime has always been committed to providing our members with exceptional experiences at some of the most desirable restaurants and hotels. Our association with Masque Lab, one of the highly-acclaimed restaurants in the country, is certain to elevate the multisensory dining experience for our member community, given their unique approach to dishes. On curating this experience, Varun Totlani, Head Chef at The Masque Lab, shared his thoughts on curating this experience, saying, With Masque Labs reputation and recognition, hosting The Gourmet Table provides an excellent opportunity for the restaurants talented chefs to showcase their skills, creativity, and unique approach to Indian cuisine to a wider audience.

The Gourmet Table

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