Walmart-Humana Merge What To Focus On?


Shanghai, China


August 18
Walmart-Humana Merge What To Focus On?

P.S This is an online webinar using zoom invitation The first 5 EARLY BIRDS are for FREE.  Many news media have reported on the potential Walmart-Humana merger in the past few weeks. The combined revenue from this merger will amount to $550 billion that will dethrone the current number one insurer, United Health, which pulls around $201 billion annually. This potential merger is happening after Amazon has reported similar move to enter the healthcare market via Cerner. Walmart-Humana (WH) merger can influence the current insurance market by improving their cost efficiencies. WH can use their resources to drive more customers and probably create a new niche altogether. However, little is know how the incumbent insurers will respond to this merger? What is the impact of this merger on the health insurance premium? Or even, how customers will react to this merger?What is it about?We invite you to a Webinar that will discuss the impact of Walmart-Humana merger on their financial performance and its ramification on the health and retail industry alike. We will cover the vertical and horizontal integration within the New Industrial Organization Framework to assess the future market power and structure within health insurance market.Who should attend?Anyone with a background in economics and strategic management and who are interested in learning more about merger and acquisition, and particular Walmart-Humana case. How?The Video Webinar will be conducted through Zoom. Register using this form to have access to the Webinar. I am looking forward to seeing many of you. My affiliation:  - contact me to get 2-months Free access to the platform. 


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