Winter Exhibits and Holiday Gifts @ Art Works! in Richmond

Art Works

320 Hull Street


4 January
Winter Exhibits and Holiday Gifts @ Art Works! in Richmond
See 4 new exhibits and 80 artist studios. The RVA Holiday Gift Shop remains open through December 30th. The exhibits continue through January 16, 2021. Admission is free and open to the public. ________________________________________ Breakthrough by Sara Henry Sara Henry is from Alaska and currently lives in Arkansas. She explains her work and process: “Humans are complex, imaginative, and explorative beings. We are investigators, travelers, builders, and lovers. We create and destroy—build and tear down—come together and fall apart.” Sara uses experimental casting and burnout techniques to create three dimensional ceramic paintings in the forms of towers, walls, orbs, and tiles. These sculptures symbolize our evolution, our complexity, our history, and investigate our hidden emotions and thoughts within. This exhibit is in the Jane Sandelin Gallery. This exhibit continues through Jan 2, 2021. ________________________________________ The Yellow Bird by Megan McGrath In these self-portraits, Megan McGrath uses bold colors combined with strong contrast and patterns. The inspiration for this body of work began when she got engaged to get married in January of 2019 and wanted to create a body of work that reflected the joy and the happiness of her emotions. She uses bright and colorful shades in the background and creates visual texture with dots. McGrath uses herself to represent a feeling of mother nature and some plant life to represent and honor the creation of the natural world. The yellow bird in each painting symbolizes her goals, aspirations, and hopes for the future, and having a sunny outlook on life. She also uses formal aesthetic concerns to drive her decisions regarding color and composition. This exhibit will be in the Skylight Gallery. ________________________________________ Deconstructing an Icon: Natural Bridge by Donna Frostick Natural Bridge in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley is one of the world’s most iconic geological formations. Often considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world, it has been visited by hundreds of thousands, and its image has been photographed and reproduced in countless ways. Donna’s objective is not to paint it as a landscape, but to deconstruct the iconic site into its elements – the dynamic curve of the arch, the textured contour and rich colors of the walls, the play of light and shadow in the rocks and trees. She is interested in breaking down the elements of the formation by portraying it from every conceivable angle. Some of the pieces in her series are more readily recognizable as the iconic bridge formation, while others are highly abstracted and stylized. This exhibit will be in the Corner Gallery. ________________________________________ SMALL WORKS ALL MEDIA ART SHOW Small Works is the theme for this All Media Show. Small works make great holiday gifts. The All Media Art Show is a focal point of all Art Works’ openings. It is a juried show with cash prizes and is open to all artists and all mediums.



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