Woodcarving 101 Classes in Bremerton

Sheridan Park Community Center

680 Lebo Blvd


1 September
Woodcarving 101 Classes in Bremerton
Start the 2020s off right- become skilled as a Woodcarver! Sign up for Woodcarving 101 and start on your path towards a fun and relaxing pastime. Learn to carve wonderful things from wood, created by your own skilled hands and imaginative mind! Join other woodcarving students every Tuesday morning from 9-12 noon at the Sheridan Park Community Center in Bremerton. Learn how to carve safely and confidently in a one-on-one, step-by-step method. You will see your skills improve with each lesson. Tools and wood are provided for the first few lessons until you get your own tools. Dont buy anything until you get a couple lessons under your belt. We will help you select the correct tools and carving wood you will need. Sheridan Park charges a $3.00 per person drop-in fee. There is no other fee to take the woodcarving lessons. Students should be age 12 and above. Homeschool kids are welcome. Contact Mark Campbell for more information: email kitsapcarvers1a@gmail.com.



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